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Who Wins – Collaboration or Competition?

The new millennium is changing the game. How you win matters more than if you win. Can everyone win? Yes! It is possible for everyone to win through collaboration.

The ancient art of numerology suggests that this 2000 millennium offers us the next thousand years to learn how to collaborate. Hold up one finger – the last thousand years were about the individual, the one. Hold up two fingers and you will understand what this millennium is about. This new millennium is about the two. We no longer have to do it by ourselves. The two is about collaboration. 

How do you know if you are collaborating or competing? The answer lies in the awareness of our own uniqueness. Our life is a matrix, our world is a matrix and we are all pieces of the matrix. It’s important for us to find our own uniqueness in the matrix to move us into our greatness.  Every living thing in our world is unique and unequaled. If we compare our uniqueness to another’s uniqueness, we begin moving into the dynamics of competition — a separation, an isolation. 

To be aware and appreciate another’s uniqueness, we must first know our own. My journey began over twenty-five years ago when I went on a vision quest to find ME. I was searching for something that I could not see, and I went to extreme measures to find the intangible, my uniqueness. I was driven to find out who I was and what I was supposed to do. Over the years, this adventure has taken me to many wonderful places, and I have met many incredible people.

I believe we define our uniqueness when find our core passion — what drives us to do what we do. When we merge our uniqueness with another’s uniqueness, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Collaboration occurs when unique people and products come together and form a synergy that connects to the bigger picture — the core matrix of life. 

What does this mean for us? This new millennium is a learning period for us to discover who we are, learn the gifts and challenges of what we are about and share our authenticity with others in the form of collaboration. Collaboration builds bonding and bridges, and then everyone wins. Competition builds separation and isolation and there is only one winner. Which path do you choose to take as you move into your greatness?

In both love and life, the energy of coming together will inspire you to discover and develop your uniqueness. You will meet and collaborate with new companions of destiny in your life as everyone wins. We are all learning how to win in a new way. 

 A new Adventure begins!

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