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It is essential to inspire your team with a shared, cohesive vision. The Passion-Vision-Action tool helps people embrace the vision and instill common values.

As a leader, what is your vision for the company?  How are you communicating it?  What are you doing to inspire and engage your team so they embrace and integrate your vision?

The Core Passion Codes provide the authentic communication which is necessary to create the vital relationship between leaders and their teams.  The results occur when the Vision is translated into team accountability and individual Actions.

The teams continue to learn and evolve together to:

  • Produce powerful communication
  • Unleash real collaboration
  • Ignite employee engagement with focus and clarity

Vision is the second part of the Passion – Vision – Action tool. A vision is a set of ideas that describe a future state. A good vision gives you a sense of inspiration and stretches the imagination.

Most people don’t know their company’s vision or they don’t understand it. They may feel so disconnected from it that they can’t explain how it relates to their job. The vision should not be hard to understand – either for customers or especially for employees. 

When your Core Passion Codes drive your aligned and engaged energy, skills and talents, you are better able to support your company’s vision. You become very magnetic and engaged as you do what you do.

When you believe in your company’s vision, your personal Core Passion Codes have a target to focus on. This focused energy becomes magnetic and draws your clients to you so they can be part of the vision you feel so passionate about.

If you don’t know what your company’s vision is, this is the time to find out and connect to your company’s Vision.

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