Ready to live with passion and purpose?
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Core Passion Assessment

Live with passion and purpose by discovering yourself in 30 minutes with the online Core Passion Assessment and report.

All the Core Passion programs begin with the Core Passion Assessment. The report integrates insights into experiential exercises and workbooks.

Learn more about the assessment for individuals and for teams by clicking MORE below.


What drives you? What is your Passion and Purpose?

Passion-Driven Life

Are you a seeker of personal development living in chaos but yearning for a life filled with passion and purpose?

Are you ready to pivot your destiny and change your life?

Learn to pivot while staying true to who you are. Remember, when you know WHO you are you know WHAT to do.

Passion-Driven Teams

Want a high-performing team? Learn how to build passion-driven collaborative teams.

Imagine your teams connecting and communicating with clarity and empathy. Learn how to use the language of Core Passion and Collaborative Phrases to bring your team together.

Learn how to apply processes and systems to nurture and grow collaboration in your team environment.

Passion-Driven Leaders

Have you ever walked into your team’s space and felt like it was total chaos with everyone going a different direction and unraveling each other’s progress?

Imagine your team’s workspace is humming with the productivity of people in the flow. Your team is excited and vibrating with accomplishment. Feels life-changing doesn’t it?

Learn how to become a passion-driven leader who can inspire and motivate collaborative teams with engaged communication for focused results so that you create success for yourself and those around you to thrive with passion and purpose.


Need tools? Create experiences with Core Passion Apps.

Integrate Core Passion Apps online tools into your offering and add experiential & intuitive exercises, assessments, and insights. Each app has a learning portal paired with the web app to maximize results and optimize ease-of-use.

Code Talkers Experience

Imagine having the skill and insight to tailor your conversations so the people you are communicating to understand quickly and feel heard.

Learn how to tune into people’s communication channels and develop confidence for excellent conversations. Use the Core Passion Code Talkers game-changing online tool combined with an online course to learn how to transform your communication skills into magic.

My Career Seeker Experience

Are you at the crossroads of your life and/or business? Are you ready to look inside yourself to see what you really want?

Learn how to define who you are, what you want, and what matters to you. Then discover how to use this information to gauge how a career/business could fulfill you.

Combine this life-changing insight with an online tool to help you sort through possibilities and opportunities for options that help you live with passion and purpose.


Are you looking for tools and processes to develop the energy of passion?

Learn how to apply the energy of passion to inspire, motivate, and communicate with clarity as an Authorized Facilitator. 

Codes & Core Passion Assessment

Want a proven, certified passion assessment for your business? Learn more about who your clients are and what they want with the Core Passion Assessment and 21-page report including a bar chart of their Codes of Core Passion. Learn how to add Discovery Journey coaching to your business.

Tools & Programs

Want to offer your clients more experiences so that they can live a life of passion and purpose? Learn how to integrate the Core Passion tools & program catalog, and processes into your business for innovative results. Discover experiential exercises to add into coaching and training.

Collaboration & Program Development

Are you ready to bring your wisdom to the world? Not ready to reinvent the wheel? Learn how to collaborate with Core Passion to use existing tools, programs, and processes. Leverage Core Passion’s program development expertise to blend Core Passion philosophy with your own offering.

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