Call of the Conch

Questions can be dangerous – they require tremendous courage to ask because new questions lead to new ways of perceiving. All new and original thought begins with a question, which leads to an exploration.
Answers are everywhere, but first you must ask a question. I was at a crossroads and my exploration began with an unspoken question to the Universe . . . Can I have what I really want?

Turning on the Magnets

The dictionary defines magnetic as possessing an extraordinary power or ability to attract. Throughout my life I have experimented with what I call “turning on the magnets”. Many times it was unconscious and I didn’t even know I was doing it. When you learn how to consciously turn on the magnets, you can attract who …

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Kicking Through Fear

Fear can stop us in our tracks or propel us into our future. Fear can trap us with negative energies from the past. It can also be the impetus to drive us into our destiny. Fear is imagining something that hasn’t happened yet. This overactive imagination results in uneasiness, anxiety, and worry that comes from …

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The Ostrich Adventure

My adventure with ostriches taught me two powerful lessons . . . I learned we create our reality and when we believe, we can create anything we want. Even more important, I learned that you can’t live someone else’s dream. It was over twenty-five years ago that my former husband and I sold everything and …

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