Quick Study Guide

Core PassionĀ® Quick Study Guide

Passion Essence Gift Challenge Lesson
Recognition -Leader -Warrior -Adventurer Independent -Confidence -Creativity -Independent Spirit -Self-consciousness -Lack of Self-esteem -Overwhelm -Victimized -Develop a strong inner sense of confidence and knowingness
Partnership -Peacemaker -Partner -Diplomat Partnership -Sensitivity & Understanding -Seek the perfect balance -Sense of timing, rhythm & harmony -Indecisiveness -Extreme sensitivity -Worry, doubt -Be true to yourself -Speak up for yourself -Respect yourself
Creativity -Joy Bringer -Artist -Cheerleader Creativity -Happy spirit -Enthusiasm for life -Lucky in money and opportunity -Find appropriate channels for creativity -Keep the spirit of the inner child -Stay focused -Stay in the moment -Not scatter your energy -Walk the middle road
Form -Builder -Manager -Worker Builder -Endurance, dedication and discipline -Bring order to chaos -Change -Rigid instead of resilient -Insensitive to the feelings of others -Be flexible -Take a risk -Look outside the box -Release beliefs
Change -Rebel -Risk Taker -Free Spirit Freedom -Curious mind -Magnetism -Wit, quick creative mind -Live in harmony -Energy becomes lost -Get sidetracked -Addictive -Constructive use of freedom -Moderation -Establishing structure
Service -Counselor -Teacher -Caregiver Balance -Wisdom & Guidance from the heart -Take on great responsibility -Nurture, give, serve, comfort -Long-suffering martyrdom -Sacrifice -Judgmental, -Rigid & stubborn -Learn to give and receive -Create balance -Create healthy boundaries