Core Passion Assessment


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The Core Passion ® Assessment is an online self-assessment tool that has been designed to empower you to discover your Core Passion®.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive:

  •  A 21-page report containing detailed definitions of ALL the Core Passion® Codes, including your Top 5 Core Passions and your 7 Supporting Core Passions
  • A detailed summary of each of your Core Passion®Gifts, Challenges, Lessons, and Affirmations
  • Core Passion® Matrix, highlighting all 12 Core Passion® Codes
  • Core Passion® Codes Quick Study Guide
  • An explanation of how each of your Core Passion® Codes plays a role in your personal and professional relationships

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  2. After your purchase, watch for an email with your login credentials for and for the learning portal called Core Passion Academy.  Note if you start later, simply select Sign In on the menu to view your Dashboard and click on the WATCH INTRO VIDEOS IN PORTAL for the Core Passion Assessment course.


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