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Got Chaos?

Are you a business owner or leader living in chaos but yearning for a life filled with passion and purpose?

Are you a seeker of personal development ready to pivot your destiny and change your life?

Get Success.

Discover the 5-stage Pivot Your Destiny Success Path so you can LIVE your passion and purpose in 2021 without staying stuck in the chaos of 2020. 

Learn to pivot while staying true to who you are. Remember, when you know WHO you are you know WHAT to do.

Meet the founders of the Pivot Your Destiny Success Path, Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton.  Get a look at what’s coming in 2021 by Master Numerologist, Wes Hamilton.

When? Now.

Is it Time to Pivot?

When you are struggling to gain traction or move forward with your life,
your business, and your dreams for success, it is time to pivot. 

You know you’re ready if you…

Get What You Want

Pursue Value Star

The Pivot Your Destiny Membership supports you as you create your best pivot so that you can manifest your best destiny.

What will you discover as you take action and PURSUE your destiny?.

How many of the these five points of the Pursue Value Star are calling to you?

Destiny Calls!

We are Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton, founders of the Pivot Your Destiny Success Path. We have separate businesses but often destiny brings us together for big-impact projects. When destiny calls it can’t be ignored. Ignoring it turns our lives upside down and feels like a whirlwind pivot.

We have been living our Pivot Your Destiny Success Path roadmap for years first hand and it works! We can’t wait to share it with you. We are excited to bring this to the world and we would love to have you join us as we go on an adventure together to become all we can be, living with passion and purpose.

The Adventure begins . . .

Lori Palm, Modern-day Muse,     Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

Start your Journey

Let the Adventure Begin...

Ever had to stop and ask for directions?  As a Pivot Your Destiny member, you get the proven roadmap and you will know what to do, where to go, and when to act.

Together we are better!

-Lori and Wes

Transformation? Delivered.

What you're getting inside the Pivot Your Destiny Membership

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Your Destiny!

The first step starts your journey. Pivot action takes you closer to your destiny.

The world needs you. We are all in this together as Companions of Destiny.

Your destiny is waiting for you. Make a conscious choice to pivot to your greatness.

Here's What People
are Saying...

Chris Cannon

Motivational Speaker
I just did a personal session with Lori Palm from Core Passion and the session was number one. It was incredible, to say the least. But the thing that I love about her session is that she took something that could be very complex and she simplified it to get a phenomenal result that will give you immediate action that you can take…​

Michelle Mattsen

Speaker, Author
Amazing! Lori provides invaluable insight into what drives you to do what you do. It's the ticket to becoming who you were born to be. I got such great results that I'm certified to do it myself.

Anne Pryor

MA, LinkedIn Expert, Speaker, Lovitude Soul Painter
Wes is a Master at making numerology relevant for your life. Through his amazing coaching, he illuminates and activates your soul to do your highest good. I highly recommend a numerology session/coaching with Wes on your birthday each year. Blessings, Anne

Amy Cathey

Proactive Marketing Manager, Brand Champion, Communications Pro
I'm happy to recommend Wes as a master numerologist and consultant. Wes's experience combined with his natural intuition makes for a precise, detailed, and inspiring session. His work is thorough and insightful and will leave you feeling awed and amazed. His nature is warm and caring and you always feel instantly at ease in his presence. I have and will continue to recommend Wes for anyone seeking an in-depth and thoughtful assessment of their life's path and where it just might be heading.

Arlene Vernon

Human Resources Strategist, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Keynotes
I have recommended Wes to dozens of friends and colleagues and they have been as thrilled with their experiences with Wes as I have been. Wes’s numerological readings are life-changing and mind-blowing. Wes goes above and beyond a mere numerological reading. His insights are profound, accurate, and have inspired me in ways I never imagined. Of course, his warmth and authentic interest in you and you’re truly getting the message he shares tops off the experience. If you have any doubts about whether or not to work with Wes, set them aside and call him

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