Personal Learning Program

Personal Learning Program


Why is education important?  It is often a minimum requirement for many jobs, but there are other reasons. Did you know that attending college or other post-secondary education is a great way to network with people for future jobs? Your school acquaintances in the future may be working at a company you want to work at too and can introduce you to the company. 

With many programs, you will not only learn new skills but you also get to use them enough to know if you want to get a job doing that every day. Knowing if you don’t enjoy a major part of a career is a gift since you can avoid a painful side trip on your career path.

What are the steps towards your desired career for education and training?  Many job descriptions have education and experience requirements. Use the Internet to research jobs in your career field. Look for trends in requirements and certifications.

Next, research where you can get the training and if there are internship programs to collect experience. Which institutions provide these degree programs, training, and certifications? Are their local businesses offering internship experiences?

How do you know if an education program or institution is a good fit for you? Use the Core Passion Codex with a modified Career Opportunity Statement listing only the education program or institution to rate the change in education.

How do you add an education statement skipping all the steps?
1. navigate to the Careers Signpost icon (on drop-down menu in top center of window or long side menu)
2. select the RED Plus Sign icon in the lower right
3. skip steps one and two by clicking the RED Next arrow twice
4. enter the words in the text box describing the education in Step 3

The education statement might look like “…an X degree from Y Institution.” Rating the statement helps you consider how modifying your career with additional education supports who you are and what you want.

Record your results in your Career Seeker Journal.

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