Passion? Measured.

The Career Seeker Academy is the global leader in the measurement of passion and applying it to career/workplace development and life’s decisions.

In a nutshell,

Career Seeker Academy is all about harnessing the energy of passion for employee engagement strategy.  We measure the energy of the human spirit (passion) and link it to the energy of business

The Core Passion Assessment is the only tool available that measures an individual’s passion and allows the application of that data to career opportunities and life’s decisions.  It is the foundation and pre-requisite for all Career Seeker Academy programs.

Career Seeker Academy brings measurable results to an organization, such as:

  • Increases the engagement between the individual’s job and the company’s goals
  • Better talent management
  • Achieve higher productivity

Career Seeker Academy brings measurable results to an individual, such as:

  • Find meaning in almost any assignment, job or work relationship
  • Improved performance
  • Navigate their career path in the present and into the future

About the Core Passion Assessment

This validated assessment determines which of the 12 unique Core Passion Codes best describe the energies that drive them to do what they do. The discovery of their own personal Codes becomes a powerful resource for guiding the individual to expand their self-knowledge and apply their new understanding to opportunities and decisions that will allow them to be the best they can be at work and in life.  

A robust 21-page report is generated for the individual that includes:

  • Core Passion Profile graph of an individual’s 12 Core Passion Codes—the Top 5 and 7 Supporting Codes
  • A detailed summary of each of their unique Core Passion Codes
  • Core Passion Matrix highlighting each of the 12 Codes
  • Core Passion Quick Study Guide that accelerates the application of the data
  • The background of the Core Passion Assessment, including who developed it, why it was developed

The Core Passion Assessment experience can be customized and the reports configured for large group settings. There is also a team report of the team’s driving behaviors by Code. The assessment can also be easily incorporated into existing Career and Employee Development curricula.

Career Seeker Academy begins everyone’s journey with the Core Passion Assessment.  It is the prerequisite for all programs.  Everything starts with PASSION!

Passion Vision Action Tool

The Passion-Vision-Action tool is a key part of the curriculum in Career Seeker Academy programs. This tool is a series of unique activities to integrate and apply the Core Passion Codes to achieve powerful results.

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