Passion? Measured.

Live with passion and purpose
by discovering yourself in 30 minutes
with the online Core Passion Assessment and report

Imagine being able to have the confidence and the words to say who you are, what you want and how you want to live.

 Your life feels good. Doesn’t it?

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do

How does Core Passion impact my life?

Business & Career

“I just did a personal session with Lori Palm from Core Passion and the session was number one.

It was incredible to say the least. But the thing that I love about her session is that she took something that could be very complex and she simplified it to get a phenomenal result that will give you immediate action that you can take.”

– Chris Cannon, Miracle Money Makeover

The Core Passion® Assessment is a great value at $90.00

The Core Passion Assessment includes:

Online assessment portal available at your convenience

Course with 6 videos

12 Codes of Core Passion – video library

21-page report with graph profile

Core Passion Codes Quick Study Guide

Core Passion Matrix – poster of the 12 Codes of Core Passion

Have a team? Call 612-388-9220 for a quote.

The Core Passion Assessment experience can be customized and the reports configured for large group settings.

There is also a team report of the team’s driving behaviors by Code.

The assessment can also be easily incorporated into existing Career and Employee Development curricula.

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