Outer Journey Pursue Results

Outer Journey Pursue Results


Ever try to read a sign from too far away? Squinting doesn’t help but walking closer does. As you get closer to your dream career opportunity, the details become more obvious. You can see how some details you didn’t notice before are more important than the ones you rated before.

Good news. You can use the Career Opportunity Statement as the magnifying glass by creating a custom Career Opportunity Statement.

How do you add a custom statement by skipping all the steps to get to the text box?
1. navigate to the Careers Signpost icon (on drop-down menu in top center of window or long side menu)
2. select the RED Plus Sign icon in the lower right
3. skip steps one and two by clicking the RED Next arrow twice
4. enter the words in the text box describing the education in Step 3.

Now rate the new statement and see if the Illumination Score is better or worse than the first one.

You can refine and hone your Career Opportunity Statement for details about education, location, experience, salary, etc.  Rate the new Career Opportunity Statement again to see which factors are most important to you at that point in time. Record your results in your Career Seeker Journal.

You will find yourself repeating this process often as you pursue career opportunities and after you improve your skills, experience, and education.

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