Name and Birth Date


Name and Birth Date


To get started, enter your name from your birth certificate and your birth date.

Pythagoras used this information in his formulas to research the human spirit and to discover the frequencies that make up all of us.

Pythagoras has been referred to as the father of math. He developed his well-known Pythagorean Theorem that is so powerful it is still unfolding the mysteries of life today.

We have researched and discovered that the Pythagorean Mathematical Formulas are an excellent source of ancient wisdom to access when looking for your career choices. Pythagoras designed these formulas to help people understand themselves – who they are and where their focus and direction in life could lead them.

Pythagoras’s work has proven itself for over 2600 years as a powerful tool for guidance in the areas of your identity and your destiny. Pythagoras knew the power of math used with the proper formulas can reveal many answers about the vocation that will fulfill you.

Some good things to know about Pythagoras:

  • He was a Master Mathematician
  • He gave us powerful ancient wisdom
  • He developed proven mathematical solutions

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