Module 9 – The Close

Module 9 – The Close

Module 9 – The Close


  • Complete the Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 9
  • Watch video, The Close: Module 9
  • With the final Magnetic Sales Assessment, you are rating your belief about your magnetic skill and your authenticity. You have accomplished much as you moved through this program! Congratulations!! Even with clear goals, objectives, and skills, the journey can be difficult.

    We understand, having a personalized strategy to keep you engaged and focused can be challenging. We have additional help for you to stay engaged and focused on your sales and marketing success.

    If you’re ready to learn additional skills for manifesting your dreams and desires, our Core Passion® Intentional will be the next program for you! You will learn a lot more about the art and science of manifesting. You will go deeper in the study of timelines to learn the knowledge and skills to access and use natural organic timelines to align with your personal timelines.

    It’s time! Enroll now and be amazed with what else you can learn about creating and manifesting. We’ve enjoyed being on this adventure with you!  Click here to learn more…

    Remember, When you know WHO you are you know WHAT to do.

    The future is coming and a new Adventure is about to begin…

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