Module 9 – Passion in Action: Next Steps

Module 9 – Passion in Action

Next Steps


  • Watch video, Passion in Action: Next Steps
  • In this program, you explored who you are and what you wanted. You measured what drives you and what you needed to develop to become magnetic. You pursued the knowledge and applied the skills of becoming authentic and magnetic. Now to continue to be successful, you need to keep your magnetic energy flowing.

    We start back at the beginning with one of the more difficult questions. What do you want?

    Questions can be dangerous. They require tremendous courage to ask because new questions lead to new ways of perceiving. All new and original through begins with a question, which leads to an exploration – and an adventure. Here are some final questions and thoughts to ponder.

  • Activity #26 – What do you want for your future?
  • Knowing now how to apply magnetic skills to your sales abilities, what do you want to accomplish? In your Activity Journal, list 5 objectives or intentions for your future.

  • Activity #27 – How will you reach your future objectives?
  • In your Activity Journal, for each of your 5 objectives, list the magnetic skills from the first 8 modules that you will leverage to manifest your future.

  • Activity #28 – Personal Success Vision
  • When you understand WHY you want something, you can choose to use the energy of the Code that is driving that desire. Then use the energy to bring the Vision into manifestation and make it real. Use this template as a place to focus your future success.

    This is where you must move forward with a strong passionate intention. All of your success happens if you have the courage and fortitude to take planned actions to bring your vision alive and into your life. This is where you magnetize your vision into the present.

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