Module 9 – Magnetic Skill: Belief Bridge to the Future

Module 9 – Magnetic Skill

Belief Bridge to the Future


  • Watch video, Magnetic Skill: Belief Bridge to the Future
  • When you created your personal success vision, first you went into the future to imagine what you wanted. Next, you created the action plans and strategies, to know what you’re going to do to accomplish your desires.

    To bring the future into the present, you must create a belief bridge between your vision and who you are. This is powered by the magnetic energy you use for success. As you applied all the magnetic skills that you learned, you brought your future of what you wanted into the present to create your success. This is a tipping point in your process because, without a belief and acceptance, you will snap back like a rubber band to your old patterns that you live by today. This process builds your confidence that you can magnetize your future.

  • Activity #25 – Insight Summary
  • To keep you focused and on track, review the 8 modules and write one important insight or skill you learned from each module.

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