Module 8 – The Close

Module 8 – The Close


  • Watch video, Module 8 – The Close
  • You learned knowing your industry’s environment gives you a source of knowledge that creates a magnetic energy. People are drawn to you for information and direction. Knowing market trends gives you a more complete picture so you can stay on the leading edge of the economy and your industry.

  • In your Activity Journal, complete the MAGNETIC Sales Assessment for Module 8
  • The Magnetic Sales Assessment measures your level of belief about your industry’s environment and market trends affecting it. If your total score for the Magnetic Sales Assessment is 15 or higher, you believe in understanding market trends is important to increase sales. If not, go back and review the Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action section. When you’re ready – move ahead with the final Module 9: Know Your Future.

    The Adventure continues.

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