Module 8 – Passion In Action: Magnetic Trends Tracker

Module 8 – Passion In Action

Magnetic Trends Tracker


  • Watch video, Passion In Action: Magnetic Trends Tracker
  • To best observe and analyze the information you are receiving, we suggest you create a Magnetic Trends Tracker spreadsheet. What statistics in the Magnetic Skill activity report did you find that support key indicators of a trend?

    Some current and forecasted market signals include interest rates, CPI index, durable goods order report, stock market, employment, building permits, and real estate that influence your industry. Watch for seasonal trends, mobile communication, global issues, national concerns and of course local needs and wants.

    Every successful industry must be aware of how these issues will affect their business. When you are aware of these trends and implement with effective sales and marketing, your products and services providing solutions to the problem you become magnetic.

    Here are links to resources for more information about each trend area.

  • Activity #22 – Magnetic Trends Tracker Example
  • In your Activity Journal, complete the Magnetic Trends Tracker example and answer the three follow-up questions after you complete the trends details.

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