Module 8 – Magnetic Skill: Following Shifting Trends

Module 8 – Magnetic Skill

Following Shifting Trends


  • Watch video Magnetic Skill: Following Shifting Trends
  • It is crucial in your sales and marketing success for you to track and stay abreast of the current economic picture of your industry as you drive your company’s success.

    Imagine the best possible place for you to be in your market taking advantage of the many opportunities as they become available. To accomplish this you will need to develop strategies and a practice to continually become aware of trends shifting. You can do this by ‘keeping your ear to the ground and your eye on the horizon” of your environment. This can be done in several ways. You can attend conferences, receive daily news feeds from industry news sources, follow in-the-know bloggers, subscribe to data gathering sources, and network with your peers.

    On another note, for centuries history has recorded examples of how powerful leaders stay abreast of changing trends by staying connected to intangible sources such as astrologers, numerologists, intuitives, psychics, or muses. If you see yourself aligned with the history of powerful leaders, you may want to consult with these gifted people to learn hidden insights. As you gather information about your environment and the trends that are driving it, you will want to continually access your own intuitive skills. Listen to your own “gut sense” of what to do for you to stay on the leading edge of the economy.

  • Activity #21 – Trends Strategy 
  • In your Activity Journal, complete your trends strategy.

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