Module 7 – The Close

Module 7 – The Close


  • Watch this video, Module 7 – The Close
  • You learned about your company’s timelines and the sales strategy to turn a prospect into a customer. The Magnetic Sales Funnel draws potential customers down through your company’s sales process with focused actionable timelines. Customers with the strongest interest magnetically flow to the bottom of the funnel to be converted into customers who are ready to buy.

  • Complete your Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 7
  • The Magnetic Sales Assessment is designed to measure your belief about knowing your company’s timelines for increased performance. If your total score is 15 or higher, you believe in your timelines and Magnetic Sales Funnel. If not, go back and review Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action. When you’re ready, continue on to Module: Know Your Industry’s Environment. The Adventure continues.

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