Module 7 – Passion In Action: Moving Through the Funnel

Module 7 – Passion In Action

Moving Through the Funnel


  • Watch this video, Passion In Action: Moving Through the Funnel
  • Now that you have determined your sales timelines and activities, which activities were the most time-consuming? Thinking about your process, how can you shorten the time spent on a particular activity using your magnetic energy skills? To put this practice into motion, choose a current prospect. Put them into your Magnetic Sales Funnel. How can you improve your process which will result in saving time and money and getting to the sale quicker?

  • Activity #20 – Streamlining the Magnetic Sales Funnel
  • Go through each stage of the Magnetic Sales Funnel to creatively streamline your operations and improve your efficiency. Start with the end in mind and work backward from the completion of your successful sales vision. Ask yourself what outcome you want from each stage of the timeline. Remember – “First see the fire, and then strike the match.”

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