Module 7 – Magnetic Skill: From Prospect to Customer

Module 7 – Magnetic Skill

From Prospect to Customer


  • Watch this video, Magnetic Skill: From Prospect to Customer

  • Examples of Sales Funnels

    1. Leads
    2. Prospects
    3. Sales Presentation
    4. Sales Close

    Many people have no idea how long it takes to turn a prospect into a profitable customer. Each product and service has its own unique timeline.

    It’s important to first understand your company’s operations and the prospecting timeline for successful sales within your organization. You can also develop your standard sales prospecting timeline from successful past experiences.

    Begin this process by picking a recent customer that resulted in a successful sale. Using your Magnetic Sales Funnel template, break down the key activities you went through and the timelines that resulted in the successful sale.

    Your goal should be to establish the specific activities that were the most time-consuming. Then you can determine a way to shorten the time spent on that particular activity. Most people are surprised to find that a couple of activities take the majority of the time.

    By knowing this, you can change your strategy and create a more efficient effective process that will be more magnetic.

  • Activity #19 – Magnetic Sales Funnel Template
  • Think of a recent customer that resulted in a successful sale as you complete Activity #19. Write your happy customer’s name in the space. This keeps you connected and focused on that particular customer.

    In each stage, list the activities and the time it took for each activity. Really pay attention to the resulting outcome that qualified your prospect to move through the sales funnel to the next stage of the process.

    We’ve included four stages for the Magnetic Sales Funnel. Your sales process may have more stages; so customize the sales funnel to your own unique process. Be sure to write in a name for your happy customer. It will help you remember and focus on all the aspects of this successful sale.

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