Module 7 – Knowledge: Magnetic Sales Funnel

Module 7 – Knowledge

Magnetic Sales Funnel


  • Watch video, Knowledge: Magnetic Sales Funnel
  • Knowing your timelines is a key element to be in the natural organic flow of your company’s organizational process. You want to put your customer in the correct flow of the process when the customer has a need. It’s important to locate and educate your customers about your company’s timelines while promoting your products, services, and organizational processes to prepare them for timely decisions so they can experience ultimate successful outcomes.

    For you to create an Action Plan or Sales Strategy, you must first know your timelines. You need to know your company’s operations process in order to create the timelines for your success. The temptation to ignore sound processes in the name of action is dangerous. It’s like going to the grocery store hungry without a list.

    To establish a sales mindset, you must first design your action plan with a sound strategy that includes your Magnetic Sales Funnel with timelines, actions, and activities. The action plan becomes your measurement for success at each step in the process. Your sales funnel is an inverted pyramid that draws potential customers down through your company’s sales process with focused actionable timelines. As the funnel name indicates, it’s wide at the top where customers with all levels of interest may enter. Eventually, the customers with the strongest interest magnetically flow to the bottom to be converted into your customers who are ready to buy.

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