Module 7 – Introduction: The Action Plan

Module 7 – Introduction

The Action Plan


  • Watch this video, Introduction: The Action Plan
  • Objective:  Knowing your timelines is a key element to be in the natural organic flow of your company’s organizational process. You want to put your customer in the correct flow of the process when the customer has a need. It’s important to locate and educate your customers about your company’s timelines while promoting your products, services, and organizational processes to prepare them for timely decisions so they can experience ultimate successful outcomes.

  • Click here to download your PDF.  
  • You may want to print it and save it in a 3-ring binder along with the other modules.

    In Modules 1 through 3, you learned how to work with The Passion of MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing. We explored knowing yourself, knowing your customer, and knowing your Company’s brand promise.

    Modules 4 through 6 worked with The Vision of MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing. We explored knowing your company’s vision, knowing your personal success vision, and knowing your products and services.

    Now we are at the 3rd point on the Passion Vision Action triangle. Modules 7 through 9 work with The Action of MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing. We will explore knowing your timelines, knowing your industry’s environment, and knowing your future.

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