Module 6 – The Close

Module 6 – The Close


  • Watch this video, Module 6 – The Close
  • In Module 6, you learned that knowing your products and services can inspire you to become an advocate and a believer for your company. This knowledge enhances your belief in the personal success vision you created for yourself. You now have the confidence to share information that will give your customers the answers and solutions they require. This engaged expertise allows you to listen at the highest level of understanding. Your focus is then on the customer and the solutions you can provide for them. You create an amazing customer experience.

  • Complete your Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 6.
  • The Magnetic Sales Assessment measures your level of belief about your products and services and the value and promise you deliver. If your total score for the Magnetic Sales Assessment is 15 or higher, you believe in your company’s vision and your connection to it. If not, go back and review the Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action section. When you’re ready, continue on to the section of Magnetic Sales & Marketing. You have finished the Vision of Magnetic Sales and Marketing. The next 3 Modules work with the Action of Magnetic Sales and Marketing. This is where you create your Action Plan and strategy to manifest your personal success vision.

    The Adventure continues…

    The Action section begins with Module 7: Know Your Timelines.

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