Module 6 – Passion In Action: Live Your Customer’s Experience

Module 6 – Passion In Action

Live Your Customer’s Experience


  • Watch this video, Passion In Action: Live Your Customer’s Experience
  • What’s the best way to get to know any product? By using it! We recommend that you go through the process of purchasing your product and try using it yourself. Stand in your customer’s shoes and see through your customer’s eyes. Live from their experience so you can bring a first-hand perspective to the customer experience.

  • Activity #18 – Products and Services Experience
  • In your Activity Journal, reflect on your experience with your product. What did you experience in each of these areas as a customer? What did you expect would happen? What actually happened? What new insights did you learn about your product or service? Go through each of the areas again as a customer – your products and services, the value you received, the interest you experienced, and the promise you received as a customer. Does your experience change how you sell?

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