Module 6 – Magnetic Skill: Value and Promise of Your Products

Module 6 – Magnetic Skill

Value and Promise of Your Products


  • Watch this video, Magnetic Skill: Value and Promise of Your Products
  • While listing your product’s features enables the customer to make an informed decision on their own, it can also leave them feeling a little overwhelmed with information. They may not be able to see what value the product will have in their own lives. You must be able to explain exactly how the product could make a difference to the customer – whether it will make them look better, feel better, happier, or make their business more profitable. This is where your knowledge and intuition about your customer comes in.

    Here is an example of what we are talking about…

    “Within our company, we have several products and services. We know, just looking at the list of these can be overwhelming. When we meet with a potential customer we enter into a conversation so we can “stand in their shoes” to listen and understand the results they desire.

    First, we ask lots of questions to better understand who they are. Next, we direct the conversation to learn their desired outcome. Then we engage in a collaborative conversation to understand their budget and timelines.

    This conversation allows us to best know where our products and services will provide the best value for their needs. This process provides a place for us to generate an interest in our products, linked to the values and the benefits. Now we can feel confident to offer our brand promise of performance because we know that our customer understands the value our products bring to them.”

  • Activity #17 – Identify Products and Services
  • In your Activity Journal, identify your products and services, their value, how to create interest, and the promise you deliver. This is key to understanding
    what you are selling.

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