Module 6 – Customer Experience

Module 6 – Customer Experience


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    Objective: Knowing your products and services inspires you to become an advocate and a believer for your company. With the knowledge of your products, tools, and services, you will believe the personal success Vision you have created for yourself. You have the confidence to share information that will give your customer the answers and solutions they require. This engaged expertise allows you to listen at the highest level of understanding. Your focus is then on the customer and the solutions you can provide for them.

  • Watch video, Knowledge: Customer Experience
  • Demonstrating strong knowledge and expertise in your products is crucial for creating a positive customer experience. This creates faith and trust with your customer. You must understand your product so thoroughly that you can make it work for any customer.

    With in-depth knowledge, you can help a particular customer and offer a unique, personalized service that will impress them to buy!

    Ask any customer about what makes a great customer experience and they will usually mention something pertaining to genuineness, uniqueness and a human touch. Customers like it when they are treated like people.

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