Module 5 – The Close

Module 5 – The Close


  • Watch video, Module 5 – The Close
  • In Module 5 you learned that knowing and trusting your unique personal success vision is one of your most powerful assets. Your personal success vision gives you a target to focus on and a place to measure your progress. You explored the question, “What do you want?” You imagined your future working with all the parts of you. You also explored not only what you want but also how you want to feel in this personal success vision. You connected those desires to your Core Passion Codes to understand WHY you want something. The Magnetic Sales Assessment is designed to measure your level of belief about your personal success vision.

  • Complete the Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 5
  • To develop the knowledge and apply the skills, you must believe what you learned. If your total score for the Magnetic Sales Assessment is 15 or higher, you believe in your personal success vision and are aligned with magnetic energy. If not, go back and review Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action. When you’re ready, continue on to Module 6: Know Your Products and Services.

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