Module 5 – Magnetic Skill – First See the Fire

Module 5 – Magnetic Skill

First See the Fire


  • Watch video, Magnetic Skill: First See the Fire
  • First see the fire, and then strike the match!”

    ~ Merlin

    To begin a Vision, access your desires, dreams, wishes or fantasies. What is it you want, need and desire? This is a place where logic may not understand how to achieve the results. Ask yourself, “What is it I want? What do I need? What is my burning desire? What do I dream of having or achieving? Another method to create your vision is to ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?”

    Begin with the end in mind. . .

    Magnetic Skill Tools – Focus 4: Personal Vision Success Key

    We’ve given you a new Magnetic Skill Tool – the Core Passion Focus 4. This is a personal vision success key! As you can see in the illustration to the right, everything you are connected to and everything you do is bridged in these quadrants of your life. The quadrants include Health/Wellness, Relationships, Business/Career/Financial, and Spiritual.

    The Core Passion® Focus 4 is a template for balance. When any of these areas of your life is out of balance (either too much or too little), it affects the other three quadrants.

    Such as, if your work life is overbalanced and overstressed, it affects your health, your relationships and your connection to your spirit.

  • Activity #15 – Personal Success Vision
  • In your Activity Journal, write what you want, need or desire in each area. How do you want to feel in each area? Use the Feelings Chart in your journal to put words to the feelings you are reaching for as you accomplish your Personal Success Vision.

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