Module 5 – Imagine your Vision – Knowledge

Module 5 – Imagine your Vision



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    You may want to print it and save it in a 3-ring binder along with the other modules.

  • Objective:  Knowing and trusting your unique personal success vision is one of your most powerful assets. Your personal success vision gives you a target to focus on and a place to measure your progress. Now that you know who you are and what drives you, what else do you want? This module works with you as a whole person to become more magnetic.

  • Watch video, Knowledge: Imagine Your Vision
  • Great leadership success, as well as great sales success, always starts with a vision. Compelling visions can change the world. John F Kennedy famously dreamed of putting a man on the moon. We all have dreams when we’re young. But as we get older, people start to talk us out of them. We become focused on our limitations. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Your personal success vision can begin with an imagined future or dream, a passion, and/or an expressed feeling. Your passion and your sales will excel when you are drawn to focus on several of the personal elements you really desire. When you use the word “imagine” to create your vision, it gives you permission to dream. When you add the feelings you are trying to achieve, this becomes a catalyst to empower your vision to be clear, accepted, and activated.

    • When Visions become clear, they become possible.
    • When Visions are accepted, they become real.
    • When Visions are activated with Core Passion energy, they become a measurable result.

    Remember, when creating your vision, you won’t know how you’re going to accomplish this vision. That will be revealed as you create the Passion In Action Plan and strategy to get there. The Vision just outlines what you WANT to create – not how you’re going to do it.

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