Module 4 – The Close

Module 4 – The Close


  • Watch video, Module 4 – The Close
  • In Module 4 you learned that knowing your company’s Vision is a key element of your
    success. Using this information gives you a place to develop and shine as a valuable team member of your company’s success by using your unique gifts, skills and talents.

    You picked a place to align yourself with something important to you inside your company that aligned to your company’s vision. You also explored developing your magnetic energy outside your company by finding a place to engage with something important to you.

    Then you picked activities to express and activate your company’s vision by achieving results in the areas you chose to develop both inside and outside of your company.

  • Magnetic Sales Assessment Module 4
  • In your Activity Journal, complete the Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 4.

    The Magnetic Sales Assessment measures your level of belief about your company’s vision and your alignment and engagement with it. If your total score for the Magnetic Sales Assessment is 15 or higher, you believe in your company’s vision and your connection to it. If not, go back and review the Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action section. When you’re ready, continue on to Module 5: Know Your Personal Success Vision.

    The Adventure continues.

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