Module 4 – Passion in Action: Express your Company’s Vision

Module 4 – Passion in Action

Express your Company’s Vision


  • Watch video, Passion In Action: Express Your Company’s Vision
  • Now it’s time for you to express and activate your company’s vision by achieving results in the area you have chosen to develop inside your company and outside of your company. Becoming a magnetic team member for your company’s vision happens when you make a decision to commit fully to align and engage yourself. You need to become involved with people and feel rewarded as you participate in activities that also support your desires, your passion and your values.

  • Activity #14  – Participating in Activities
  • In Magnetic Skill, you picked elements that are important to you – an alignment element inside your company and an engagement element outside. Now, it’s time to activate and express these elements. Pick an activity both inside and outside your company that contributes to the company vision. Make sure the activities express the elements you picked. When something is important and you desire and value it, you will actually do it! Get creative and involved! Watch your magnetism expand!

    In your Activity Journal, complete the sections listing alignment and engagement activities where you participate.

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