Module 4 – Engagement Outside of your Company

Module 4 – Engagement Outside of your Company


  • Watch video, Magnetic Skill: Engagement Outside Your Company
  • To develop your magnetic energy outside of your company, again you will want to find a place to engage with something important to you. Becoming recognized as a fully engaged magnetic team member also happens when you are aligned with something you desire and value for your community. This desire is often expressed by becoming active in community events to help others, or joining and becoming active in public and private peer groups. Building personal relationships is also a key factor to generate your magnetic energy.

  • Activity #13  – Engagement Outside your Company
  • How can you engage in and develop a strong and effective team membership presence outside of your company to support your companies’ vision and keep your company in the public’s eye?

    In your Activity Journal, check one engagement element that is most important to you.

    We’ve listed 3 elements that can engage you and help develop magnetic energy. Pick one
    engagement element that is most important to you.

    1. Involvements

    Involvements are contribution and participation outside your company. There are many opportunities you can participate in to develop your social and political connections that will support the vision of your company. Think about offering your services to help in a community project like seasonal events, feeding the homeless, clothing drives, joining leagues like golf, baseball, football, bowling etc.

    2. Affiliations

    Affiliations are membership in groups, public affiliations, social media, and industry affiliations. There are many public and private groups you can join, such as
    networking groups live and online, business development groups, industry groups to network and support each other, conferences, expos, rallies, etc.

    3. Relationships

    This is behavior outside the office. Networking with friends, family, groups, teams to build connections. You can accomplish this by meeting for coffee, drinks, lunch, or dinner to stay connected and engaged with the trends and activities of your community. Pick the engagement element that is most important to you and then think about which Core Passion Code wants and desires what you have picked. Reflect on why it’s important to you.

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