Module 4 – Alignment Inside your Company

Module 4 – Alignment Inside your Company


A magnetic skill that supports you and your company includes making conscious choices of actions to support your company’s vision inside and outside of your company.

  • Watch video, Magnetic Skill: Alignment Inside Your Company
  • To develop your magnetic energy within your company, you will want to find a place to align yourself with something important to you. Becoming recognized as a fully engaged magnetic team member happens when you are aligned with something you desire and value for yourself. This desire is often expressed by having a title, or certain rights and privileges. Perhaps it is your long-term dedication to serve, or possibly to be seen for who you really are as you do what you do.

  • Activity #12 – Alignment Inside your Company
  • How can you acquire and develop a passionate team membership experience inside your company while aligning to your company’s Vision?

    We’ve listed 4 elements that can align you with your company. In your Activity Journal, check one alignment element that is most important to you.

    1. Job Title

    It may be a designation and/or role in the company. This positions you in your company and team and shows how your efforts contribute to the vision.

    2. Flexibility

    These are the privileges or entitlements you have. Perhaps you have extenuating circumstances happening in your life. You may need to commute and the time frame to start on time may be difficult. You may need to take your kids to school and pick them up so regular hours may be a challenge.

    3. Seniority

    This is seniority in your occupation, term, status. To be seen as a person who plays a key role in your company’s success, you may want to be recognized for your long-term commitment to your company. Perhaps you came up through the ranks to get to where you are at and desire to be seen as a person with a passion to succeed.

    4. Identity

    Identity is your uniqueness. How your superiors, co-workers, and peers value and respect you for the unique gifts that you use every day to contribute to your company’s vision.

    Pick the alignment element that is most important to you and then think about which Core Passion Code wants and desires what you have picked. Reflect on why it’s important to you.

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