Module 3 – Passion in Action: Power of Focus

Module 3 – Passion in Action

Power of Focus


  • Watch video, Passion in Action: Power of Focus
  • We all know that customer loyalty is the key ingredient to a successful and sustainable business. But how do you create it? You focus on your brand. When you place your intention and focus on a designated target, you can achieve powerful results.

  • Activity #10 – Building Your Focus
  • This exercise will build your focus and create evidence in the power of focus. What you need is a 12” piece of string and a small washer to do this exercise. Fold the string in half and tie the ends together, next slip the string into the washer and create a slipknot to keep the washer and the string connected. Now you have a free swinging “coin” at the end of the string to use as a measurement tool.

    In your journal, use the illustration of a 6″ wide circle with a cross dividing it into four pie slices. Hold your coin above the center at the intersection of the lines. With only your intention and your focused energy, cause the coin to move up and down along the line. When you are able to move the coin (washer) along the center line with just your thoughts, you are mastering the magnetic skill of focusing your beliefs toward your intention to achieve results.

    Enter your observations in Activity #10 in the Module 3 Activity Journal.

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