Module 3 – Magnetic Skill: Four Areas of a Brand Promise

Module 3 – Magnetic Skill

Four Areas of a Brand Promise


  • Watch video, Magnetic Skill: Four Areas of a Brand Promise
  • Let’s look at the 4 areas of the brand promise. When this message is properly drafted and authentically delivered, this is very magnetic. Here are some questions that will give you answers for how your company’s Brand Promise is actually promised, marketed, delivered and upheld?

  • Activity #9 – Brand Execution
  • 1. Promised: What is the promise? What happens when the product or service fails to perform as promised? Is there a place on the website to review customer satisfaction ratings? Enter your answers in the Module 3 Activity Journal.

    2. Marketed: When marketing the product or service where is the promise shown or told? Is it in bold print? Is it at the beginning or the end of the marketing story? Is it a key marketing feature?

    3. Delivered: How is the customer satisfied if the product or service fails? How easy or complicated is the process to deliver customer satisfaction? How long does it take to achieve customer satisfaction?

    4. Upheld (Guaranteed): What does the customer receive to be satisfied? New product? Free returns? Is additional service provided at no additional charge? Is there a follow-up process to make sure the customer is really satisfied?

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