Module 3 – Magnetic Sales Assessment

Module 3 – The Close


  • Watch Video, Module 3 – The Close
  • Complete your Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 3.
  • In Module 3 you learned that your company’s brand promise means you and your company
    believe your product and services work so well that you promote a customer satisfaction
    guarantee. A brand based on a compelling promise creates loyalty beyond reason. You
    learned the 4 areas of a brand promise – the promise, how it’s marketed, how it is delivered and most important how it is upheld. In the Power of Focus you learned how strong your thoughts are.

    The Magnetic Sales Assessment is designed to measure your level of belief about
    your company’s brand promise. To develop the knowledge and apply the skills, you must believe what you learned. If your total score for the Magnetic Sales Assessment is 15 or higher, you believe in your company’s brand promise and your company’s mission. If not, go back and review Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action. When you’re ready, continue on to Module 4: Know Your Company’s Vision.

    The Adventure continues.

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