Module 3 – Knowledge

Module 3 – Knowledge


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    Objective:  A key element to knowing your company’s brand promise means you and your company believe your products/services work so well that you promote a customer satisfaction guarantee. (This is crucial to removing your customer’s buying resistance.)

  • Watch video, Knowledge: Your Company’s Mission
  • When you believe in the passion and purpose of the company you represent, you become engaged at a very deep level. Your promotion becomes fueled by your own passion. When you know why your company has chosen to move into the marketplace to promote their products, and you believe this, you radiate confidence in your presentations. You become proud to be part of an organization that wants to make a difference. For you to be at the top of your game in sales you must believe in what you are doing.

    Your company’s mission statement is your opportunity to define the company’s goals, ethics, culture, and model for decision-making. The best mission statements define a company’s goals in at least three ways: what the company does for its customers, what it does for its employees, and what it does for its owners. Some of the best mission statements also include what the company does for its community, and for the world.

    A brand based on a compelling promise creates loyalty beyond reason. This means that customers will stay with you through thick and thin. When the customer is connected to you for more than analytical reasons, they believe in their hearts that what you offer is the best.

    Knowing your company’s brand promise and mission statement will give you evidence for believing in your company. This energy is magnetic because you radiate confidence.

  • Activity #8 – Brand Mission and Vision
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