Module 2 – The Close

Module 2 – The Close


  • Watch video Module 2 – The Close
  • In Module 2 you learned that when you know your customer, you create and
    generate a strong bond of trust. The magnetic skill for Know Your Customer happens by
    improving your listening skills and your intuition to really become aware of all the seen and unseen needs of your customer.

    You learned this knowledge about your customer by standing in your customer’s shoes and seeing through your customer’s eyes. Knowing your customer builds your magnetic energy. Understanding the 3 levels of listening and improving your listening skill expands your magnetic energy.

    The Magnetic Sales Assessment is designed to measure your level of belief that this skill has value for you. You can learn something new, however, if you don’t believe what you have learned, you will never be able to develop the skills to apply the knowledge.

  • Complete the Magnetic Sales Assessment for Module 2
  • If your total score is 15 or higher, you and your customer are aligned with magnetic communication energy. If not, go back and review Magnetic Skill and Passion in Action. When you’re ready, continue on to Module 3: Know Your Company’s Brand Promise.

    The Adventure continues.

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