Module 2 – Passion in Action

Module 2 – Passion in Action


  • Watch video, Passion in Action: Expanded Awareness
  • You learned how to expand your magnetic energy through knowing your customer and then listening with expanded awareness. Now you can use the gifts of your Core Passion Codes as communication fuel to better give and receive from your customer.

    See through your customer’s eyes by listening to what they say. When you collaborate, you are sharing and receiving ideas to achieve a common goal. This creates a win-win sales outcome. As you read through the keywords of each Code, think about a current customer and what that customer wants and needs. What energy and which codes do you need to use as communication fuel to create a magnetic flow between you and your customer?

    Recognitionintuitive, creative, inventive
    Partnershipsensitive, understanding, supportive
    Creativityoptimistic, enthusiastic, creative
    Formdedicated, organized, disciplined
    Changecurious, rebellious, adventurous
    Serviceheartfelt, committed, responsible
    Researchinsightful, analytical, connected
    Powerorganized, principled, resourceful
    Enlightenmentcreative, imaginative, aware
    Inspirationinspired, passionate, intuitive
    Mastershipknowing, intuitive, organized
    Compassionhumble, visionary, compassionate
  • Activity #7 – A Closer Look at Your Customer
  • Write your customer’s name and reflect on what you know about them. Imagine you are standing in their shoes and seeing through their eyes. Read the key words of each Code and find words that feel like your customer. This is the energy you need to match to create a magnetic flow between you and your customer.

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