Module 2 – Knowledge

Module 2 – Knowledge


  • Watch video, Knowledge: Effective Communication

Having the interest and desire to know your customer is magnetic. In effective communication with your customer, there is giving and receiving through your sales presentation and listening for what they want and need. This improves the clarity of communication. You create a magnetic flow between yourself and your customer.

Delivering a Successful Sales Presentation

So what do you need to know for a successful sales presentation? Most importantly, there are two parts to a successful sales presentation.


Part 1 is the conscious level where your language must be clear, focused and educational. Your appearance must express success and your body movements must show you are listening, you care and you can be trusted.


Part 2 is the subconscious, the subtle message of human energy that you convey. This is where your energy needs to be expressed as confident, knowledgeable, authentic and passionate. You need to know that people can actually feel this vibration as an energy you transmit. When you are authentic and passionate, people begin to develop a level of trust and can actually listen to what you are saying. This is the energy they use to buy!

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