Module 2 – Introduction

Module 2 – Introduction


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  • You may want to print it and save it in a 3-ring binder along with the other modules.

    Objective:  Knowing your customer creates and generates a strong bond of trust. You do this by developing your keen sense of listening skills and your intuition to really become aware of all the seen and unseen needs of your customer. You can develop the knowledge about your customer by standing in your customer’s shoes and seeing through your customer’s eyes. Knowing your customer builds your magnetic energy. Understanding the 3 levels of listening and improving your listening skill expands your magnetic energy.

  • Watch video, Introduction: Know Your Customer
  • In the Knowledge section of this module, you learn about communication techniques. As you move into the Magnetic Skill section, you learn to stand in your customer’s shoes and see through your customer’s eyes through developing your listening skills. In the Passion in Action section, you expand your magnetic energy through knowing your customer and then listening with expanded awareness.

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