Module 1 – Passion in Action

Module 1 – Passion in Action


  • Watch Video – Passion in Action: Creating an I AM Statement
  • The gift phrases you wrote become the next step in creating your personal brand promise of who you are. We call it an I AM statement. Your I AM statement delivers your authentic brand promise. Expressing yourself from your personal Core Passion energy with an I AM statement amplifies your magnetic energy field attracting the people who want to work with you as you build trust and clarity with people.

    The Action is:

    Develop your confidence to deliver an authentic, powerful, magnetic, brand promise.

    WHY Do I need to create my I AM statement?

    • When you believe in your authenticity, others do too.
    • Become more believable and trustworthy by describing yourself in terms of what drives you creates a powerful message of authenticity of who you are, you become believable and trustworthy.
    • When your I AM statement resonates with you, you are in-tune with what drives you. Use it to verify that you are in alignment with your authenticity.

    WHEN will I use my I AM statement?

    • Use it as a confidence builder when you need to remember why you are doing what you do.
    • Need an answer to WHY you are the best for the job? Use key words from your I AM statement in your presentations, your marketing, your website, your networking, and in all of your self-talk.
    • Use it while warming up your voice for a presentation. Say it once or twice.
  • Activity #3: HOW do I start creating my I AM statement?
    • Your statement is created from your Core Passion Codes.
    • Select one Code, your favorite, and choose a role that appears under the Code’s title in your report. For example, Recognition’s roles include leader, warrior, adventurer.
    • Create a sentence starting with I AM, then the words of your role followed by “driven by” with each of the Codes in sequence separated by commas.
  • Activity #4: How do I develop my personal I AM statement?
  • The next step closer to your I AM statement is rewriting it using the phrases from Activity #1 and 2.

    • Find the words and phrases you listed in Activity #1 and #2.
    • Select a word or phrase for each of your top five Codes
    • Build the sentence again, starting with I AM, then the words of your role followed by “driven by” with each of the words from your Codes in sequence separated by commas.

    Go to Activity #4 and refine your I AM statement until it rings true.

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