Module 1 – Magnetic Energy Assessment

Module 1 – Magnetic Energy Assessment


  • Watch Video – Magnetic Sales Assessment Results
  • Now it is your turn. Say your personal I AM statement to a mirror, friend or co-worker. Does it resonate with you and with your audience? Revise it until saying your I AM statement gives you the confidence to do what you do with a passion of knowing who you are.

    Say your I AM statement to your prospects, clients, and customers in person, in a flyer, on the internet, on your website, and or a podcast when you are presenting, marketing and networking. This gives people a clear message of who you are as you do what you do.

    How do you know that you are magnetic? If you can prove it to yourself, then proving it to everyone else is easy.

    Rate your belief with each of these three statements.

    1. My I AM statement rings true – I feel the resonance of authenticity.
    2. My I AM statement makes me feel confident and magnetic.
    3. My I AM statement is authentic and I can state it with confidence anywhere anytime with anyone.

    The rating system is number 1 – no belief, number 7 is complete belief.
    Now go ahead and rate yourself!

    Your Magnetic Energy Results

    Does your personal brand promise resonate and magnetize profits? Add up the numbers for the three assessment statements. If your total is 15 or more, you feel fairly confident and are ready to move to the next module. If your total is less than 15, go back to Activity #4 and refine your I AM statement until you are ready to try the assessment again.

    Remember, when you know WHO you, you know WHAT to do!

    The Adventure continues…

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