It’s Time to Deliver Passion and Purpose!

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do

Become a Core Passion Authorized Facilitator and learn the Core Passion language of your inner spirit. This vital communication tool creates synergy, respect, and communication for yourself and others. We are opening up an opportunity for forward thinking people who see a need to understand and communicate the passionate language of the inner spirit.

Since 2003 when the Core Passion Codes were released, we have continued to discover, create and apply unique ways to harness the powerful energies of these Codes. Core Passion Inc has created a powerful system with several tools and processes. The result is to achieve inspiration, clarity, and direction for many different applications. These programs are all being used today with amazing results. As a Core Passion Authorized Facilitator, you will learn how to facilitate and apply these programs with your current clients and future clients.

Transform Yourself and Others with Core Passion

Completion of the Core Passion Mastery course is required to become a Core Passion Authorized Facilitator. In this online course with virtual, live group coaching calls, you will learn:

  • The Core Passion Codes – Learn the energy and language of your inner spirit
  • Overview of the Core Passion System, Tools, Processes, and Programs – Harness and apply the energy to achieve peak performance
  • The Core Passion Programs – Learn to facilitate and apply the programs with your current and future clients

Certified Assessment with 21-Page Report and online Web App

Sell the Core Passion Assessment to your clients with an affiliate program and also have access to their results and reports via the Core Passion Assessment web application.

Online and downloadable Resources and Tools

Get lifetime access to the tools you need to deliver passion and purpose with the language of the Core Passion Codes.

Core Passion Mastery Course Registration

Coming Soon in 2021!

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