Ready to learn how to meet and work with your Inner Mystics?

Your Inner Mystics are ready to teach you how to manifest with magic.

It is time to connect. This is a year of change. 2022 has the powerful vibrational energy to create new relationships. The Mystics have been waiting for this new energy. Now that it is here, they are ready to connect.

Learn how to create a relationship with your inner mystics so that you can connect, create, and communicate to manifest your best life.

Insight Direct from Wes & Lori

Watch the video above for an update about when the program starts.

This year while Wes was mastering jhis listening skills (November 2021 forecast) he was connecting to his personal Mystic, Merlin the wizard. Merlin shared with him that the mystics are anxious to work with people this year to educate them with new skills to manifest their dreams and desires.

Each week you will be developing your skills to connect to your own inner mystics – your shaman, wizard, muse, and oracle. They will teach you new information and show you how ancient wisdom and ancient tools can be used to manifest in today’s world. 

So, who are the Mystics?

Mystics are beings that have magical powers and live in the world of Spirit. Since time began, these powerful beings have been written about and have been the center of interest in folklore. Now in 2022, they are ready to connect and share some of their secrets with you about how to manifest your dreams and desires.

Why now?

It’s time to heal our differences and the Mystics know the ways of making magic work. Magic is really another name for the natural gifts you are born with. Your natural innate gifts were never talked about and of course you were never taught the natural ways of how to use this innate energy.

What Happens When You Connect to Your Own Inner Mystics?

The Mystics are offering you an opportunity this year to connect to your own inner mystics so that you can develop and use your natural (magical) energy gifts to heal your differences and manifest your dreams. It’s time to make natural organic magic available and real so that you can all get back into the game of life again.

Calling all Spiritual Seekers

Merlin shared with us in November there are many people ready to explore the deeper mystical gifts within themselves and these are the seekers who will enroll in this class. We are working with Merlin with several different mystical spiritual realms that are showing us how to connect, create, and communicate with your inner mystics. This vibrational energy vortex will attune you to the necessary vibrational energy that will connect you to your inner mystics.

Ready to Connect, Create, and Communicate with Your Inner Mystic?

Once a week we will connect via zoom, a mystical tool, and show what you need to know and what you need to practice to connect to your inner mystic, creating a relationship. There will be attunements, meditations, videos, lessons, question and answers, and practical application for each session. Once connected, you will communicate with your inner mystic to create practical applications manifesting everyday magic.

Details Continue to Evolve and Be Revealed

Class will be held once a week for 6 weeks beginning in October 2022. Your commitment will be to connect, create and communicate with your inner mystics. The details are continuing to evolve and be revealed by our guides.

-Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist & Lori Palm, Modern-day Muse

Ready to Unlock your Manifesting Power?

Are you Connected and Engaged with your Intuition?

It is time for a change if you are feeling that all your answers are just out of reach and you know in your heart there is another way.

Perhaps you have unrealized dreams and desires and are searching for your passion and purpose to be re-ignited. The Mystics are magical beings that love to show and teach how manifesting really works.

Learn how to walk the path of the mystics to manifest your dreams and heal your differences. 

 Transform your life and feel the joy of being in the flow and living in passion and purpose

Who needs this program?

Spiritual Seekers



Energy Workers


People who feel called and know they need this

Meet Your Facilitators

Lori Palm is a modern-day muse inspiring passion, purpose, and possibilities.  An entrepreneur for many years, she sees the unseen personal/business opportunities everywhere.

Wes Hamilton is a master numerologist, professional mediator, a national teacher of personal growth programs, a former successful Real Estate Broker and a Spiritual Life Leadership Coach.

Together they created the Core Passion Assessment and training programs.  They use a magical process connecting people to their passion and creating a space for them to discover who they truly are and what they want.

Transformation? Delivered.

What you’re getting inside the Manifesting with the Mystics program


 24/7 access to the online Core Passion Academy portal videos

Journal PDF workbook for each of the 6 modules



Experiential Exercises

Weekly, live, on-line, group calls

Manifesting Tips and Techniques integrating what you learn with your day-to-day life

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