Magnetic Sales and Marketing Index


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Magnetic Sales and Marketing

Magnetic Sales and Marketing Index


Introduction to MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing
Introduction to Magnetic Sales and Marketing
Desired Outcomes

Module 1: Know Your Self
Know Your Self
Magnetic Skill
Passion in Action
Magnetic Energy Assessment

Module 2: Know Your Customer
Magnetic Skill
Passion in Action
The Close

Module 3: Know Your Companies Brand Promise
Magnetic Skill: Four Areas of a Brand Promise
Passion in Action: Power of Focus
Magnetic Sales Assessment

Module 4: Know your Company’s Vision
Know your Company’s Vision – Introduction
Alignment Inside your Company
Engagement Outside of your Company
Passion in Action: Express your Company’s Vision
The Close

Module 5: Know Your Personal Success Vision
Imagine your Vision – Knowledge
Magnetic Skill – First See the Fire
Passion in Action – Creating Your Personal Success Vision
The Close

Module 6: Know Your Products and Services
Customer Experience
Magnetic Skill: Value and Promise of Your Products
Passion In Action: Live Your Customer’s Experience
The Close

Module 7: Know Your Timelines
Introduction: The Action Plan
Knowledge: Magnetic Sales Funnel
Magnetic Skill: From Prospect to Customer
Passion In Action: Moving Through the Funnel
The Close

Module 8: Know Your Industry’s Environment
Know your Industry
Magnetic Skill: Following Shifting Trends
Passion In Action: Magnetic Trends Tracker
The Close

Module 9: Know Your Future
Knowledge: Magnetic Energy System
Magnetic Skill: Belief Bridge to the Future
Passion in Action: Next Steps
The Close

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