Journey Reflections

Journey Reflections


Congratulations on completing the My Career Seeker program. You have come a long way from where you started.

Reflect on how you felt when you started the program by reading your journal.  Knowing what you know now, how confident do you feel about exploring careers?  Are you ready to ask smart questions as you explore, measure, and pursue the career of your dreams?  

Nothing stays the same for long. When might you change your Core Passion Codex responses?  Did you have a change in values or skills? Did you have a major transition in your life?  Did you discover a new passion you hadn’t considered before?  

For example, if you completed an internship over the summer and found that you love helping people get better at the hospital perhaps your Core Passion Code, Service is more important now and you want to change your statement ratings on Reflection Point 4.  

When you change your Core Passion Codex standards, be sure to reevaluate your Career Opportunity Statements to see if they score as high as they did before.

The career market evolves quickly. Perhaps a job that didn’t exist before is available due to the wonders of technology or world changes.  Is it right for you?  This is a good time to measure it as a new Career Opportunity.  After completing the My Career Seeker program you have a more confident point of view on which careers support you.  

Career exploration is more fun when you have the right tools take with you.  You have the Core Passion Codex with the Career Opportunity Statement builder, a Personal Learning Program, and a Career Readiness Plan.

Best of luck in your journey.

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