Introduction to the Core Passion Codex

Introduction to the Core Passion Codex


Your second exploration on the Inner Journey road is the Core Passion Codex. There are 6 powerful Reflection Points in the Core Passion Codex that align with the 6 key elements of who you are.

In the 7th Reflection Point, you will begin exploring the Outer Journey. You will be guided to explore what you might want to do (occupation) and where you want to do it (industry and environment).

The powerful Reflections Points are:

  • 1. Your Power Number identifies you. It reveals the deeper level of who you are as you search for what you want to do.
  • 2. Your Heart’s Desire draws you. It reveals the passionate intentions behind many of your actions and activities. This is critical in choosing a career that will keep you motivated, fulfilled and engaged.
  • 3. Your Destiny directs you. It becomes your intuitive guidance system on the day you were named. It sets a powerful vibrational energy into action for you to become and develop something of great importance in your life.
  • 4. Your Core Passion Codes drive you. They explain why you are driven to find a career that you will cherish. This deeper information is critical for your success and fulfillment. When your inner spirit is happy you are inspired to succeed.
  • 5. Your Talents & Abilities describe you. They are the skills and gifts you have been developing throughout your life. Putting words to your Talents & Abilities creates the thread that connects and sparks you to recall what you have done in the past to what you want to do now and in the future.
  • 6. Your Personal Values define you. They are the things that you live by in your personal and professional life. By acknowledging your values, you make decisions and plans that align with them.
  • 7. Your Opportunity Roadmap rates your potential career opportunities to find the best one for you at this time of your life. You get to evaluate different descriptions of 4 levels of many career opportunities – career environments, industries, and sample career/occupations.

Be sure to complete your journal entries after each Reflection Point.

Have fun and explore! Keep tweaking and adjusting the Codex until you discover what makes you feel authentic and you know what is important to you. Then, it will be easier to compare the career opportunities to your personal Codex standard. Now you can pick the best career opportunity for you to pursue at this time in your life. Career Seeker is about making sure that WHO you are matches WHAT you want to do. Enjoy the journey.

Click the RED Next arrow to get started. You will see the Core Passion Codex dashboard that will keep track of your progress. Now, click the RED Next arrow again to work on the first Reflection Point, Power Number.

The Adventure begins. . .

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