Introduction to Measure

Introduction to Measure


Now you can compare your first Career Opportunity Statement to each of the Codex statements you selected on the Core Passion Codex by picking a rating from 1 to 7. The statements you picked in the Reflection Points describe what is important to you and what makes you feel authentic. The Career Opportunity statement describes a potential career. You are measuring your Career Opportunity statement to your personal Codex standard.

Here are the words for the Reflection Point measurement numbers. How strong does the statement support your personal standard?

  1. 1 – Very Weak
  2. 2 – Weak
  3. 3 – Moderately Weak
  4. 4 – Moderate
  5. 5 – Moderately Strong
  6. 6 – Strong
  7. 7 – Very Strong

When you have completed this measurement exercise, take some time and look at this opportunity and reflect on how you think, feel, and believe it aligns with your Reflection Points.

Next, you will select your second career opportunity and rate it with the Codex. We will show you how to compare results to discover your best fit career opportunity.

Note that you can try again with as many different career opportunities as you choose to explore. Keep tweaking and adjusting until you can discover a really good fit. You can take advantage of the list of all your career opportunity ratings in the Careers Signpost icon to see patterns or combinations you may not have considered. Sometimes asking someone you trust what he or she sees can be helpful.

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